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Our Training Process

We strive to build a space where people like working and are encouraged to stay productive. Our new marketing associate will be part of a positive work environment that provides stability and performance while having fun. Being a part of our firm means inventing and exploring skills through the innovative interaction between people and constructive ideas. 

As a Marketing representative, you will join in different training settings covering every aspect of our company model. Our training combines leadership development and training and management tips. This process helps the new associate grow from an entry-level position to a manager level. Our training is very hands-on, and we go through a tested development method to ensure that all our people are well equipped to grow in their job roles. 

Here are the phases you will evolve through:

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    Phase one
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    Phase two
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    Phase three
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    Phase four

At this stage, the new associates will understand the basic marketing techniques, master consumer psychology, and learn about our clients. We focus on communications skills, dealing with customers face to face, and marketing. This improves overall communications skills and product knowledge. Our manager operates one-on-one with training, drawing on experience and settings to offer direction and feedback.

In the second phase, the person is given more duties. The student becomes the coach. This phase emphasizes more on training, mentoring and managing other people. They start to learn the front end of operating a business and learn to build a team. We will rank associates based on their capacity to manage and be logical and solve problems in this role. Here, their upward mobility will provide sales results for various clients.  

In this position, they will learn the backend of the business – HR, Expansion, Marketing, and Administration. This allows people to learn all aspects of our business to perform better and guide others. Eventually, they will ensure that the campaigns beat our business objectives’ expectations and add to our company’s success in the long run. After that, they start learning the company’s back end to equip them for the next step, running their own office. 

Finally, in this position, an individual gets the opportunity to open their own location and run a new market for us. They will handle day to day operations from behind the scenes, and manage all aspects of the business, including expansion analysis and helping other upcoming individuals with the proper coaching, tools and resources required for success.

See the world with us


Networking is the core of our success at Alpha Ascension. We know the relevance of building rapports with business leaders, industry experts, and other influencers. Therefore we encourage travel within our business so our people can see different perspectives and meet others who are either in the same rank or people further along in their careers. We want people to find their perfect mentor, even if it is not within our walls. 

Travel Perks

With Alpha Ascension, not only are we going places in our careers, but the work culture also helped us to explore the world. As a company, we fly or take road trips to some beautiful locations worldwide for retreats and training purposes, and while at it, we get to understand each other personally. These travel perks are our way of rewarding our team members for being committed to our goals.

If you have everything it takes to grow in our firm, please send us a cover letter and your
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